Parting Words
From a woman, to men.
Based on personal experience -
constructive observations:


  • I’m bored with your ego.
  • There’s a lot I could say that would help you in life, if you could see anything except yourself.
  • Your fatal flaw is that you can’t listen to, learn from, or esteem a woman as anything but a Sexual Receptacle.
  • I wanted to have a real relationship with you, but you didn’t ask me any questions about my life or what I think about things. So I said nothing and let you go.
  • I’m more interested in having a real connection/conversation than having sex.
  • If sex is a prerequisite to a relationship with you, then that’s not the “love” I want. In fact, that’s not love at all.
  • It hurts me when you want to have sex with me, and there’s no emotion connection between us.
  • When we have sex and there’s no emotional connection between us, I feel used like a prostitute and I know that you don’t really need me, you just need a receptacle.
  • What you think is a “relationship”, is probably just you molesting a woman, who is not speaking up about it.
  • You really have no idea what I want or what I need.
  • I’m really not that interested in your penis.
  • Your penis is your problem, not mine.
  • Don’t let your penis control you.
  • Be a person, not a penis.
  • Sports, alcohol, womanizing, violence, and anger are a deficit lifestyle.
  • Pornography is a deficit lifestyle and it will prevent you from having real relationships with either women or men.
  • We would all be very relieved if you would show your emotional, sensitive side.
  • If women “need” to wear makeup to look good - you "need" to wear makeup to look good too.
  • I don’t want to be worshipped or put on a pedestal for my appearance.
  • The hypersexualized Western media forms boys into molesters and rapists, and forms girls into prostitutes who work for free.
  • Instead of protecting and nurturing me, you molested and raped me. Instead of loving me, you loved only yourself.
  • I love myself more than you ever will.
  • You are not my god.
  • God is not male.
  • Because you have failed at being what you should have been to me, I’m going to learn to live without you. I’m going to be my own hero. Goodbye.

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