The depth of human spirit.

History books are full of heroes. From legendary leaders commanding enormous armies, to soldiers bravely charging into chaotic battlefields motivated only by duty to their kin and country.

But what of those whose noble efforts have not been so visibly recognised? What of the unknown people from countries around the world, of every race and religion, whose quiet acts of sacrifice affected the war effort in extraordinary, life-changing ways? They too are heroes.

Through 14 lesser-known stories, Parting Words commemorates the astonishing bravery shown by the unsung heroes of the two World Wars, showcasing the depth of human spirit, the hope that unites humanity, and the similarities that bridge our cultural differences.

The Parting Words

Charles Chibitty Oklahoma, United States 1921 - 2005
Ruby Bradley West Virginia, United States 1907 - 2002
Chiune Sugihara Gifu Prefecture, Japan 1900 - 1986
Charles Joseph Coward England 1905 - 1976
Cher Ami United States of America 1910 - 1919
Doris Miller Texas, United States 1919 - 1943
Eileen Younghusband London, UK 1921 - 2016
Georg Duckwitz Bremen, Germany 1904 - 1973
Irena Sendler Warsaw, Poland 1910 - 2008
Julia Hunt Catlin Park Depew Taufflieb Vermont, United States 1864 - 1947
Hugh O'Flaherty Killarney, Ireland 1898 - 1963
Nancy Wake Wellington, New Zealand 1912 - 2011
William Coltman Burton upon Trent, UK 1891 – 1974
The Unknown Warrior United Kingdom 1914 - 1918

As we move further and further away from this historical period of devastating conflict, it is vital that these stories – and others – are kept alive. It is our hope that hearing these accounts will encourage you to seek out similar stories from your own history, and to use the experiences of those who came before you as a hopeful reminder that every individual has the power to shape the course of history.

We will remember them

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